Dienstag, 17. Januar 2012

Heeeeeyy there...yeah...:D

Hello everyone :D

Sooo...after my laptop decided to almost die I decided to buy a PC. Well yes...now I have a PC :DD
And becuase I don't know what else I could post, I will post the first Sims3 pics that i took on my new, shiny pc :}
So this the first sim i played with on my new pc :) I don't remember her name but whatev...I'll post pics playing with her :D

This is her best friend :)

This was when her crush broke up with his wife (the girl in the green-blue shirt)...lol

Their doggies :}

Their dancing Butler :D
Last Pic and Grown up! :D And they adopted the puppy that came to their house very often :]