Sonntag, 12. Dezember 2010

A new simmie

Everythings fine with my game now, its faster than before :D

And now I'm uploading a Sim of mine...well actually its an EA one but a makeover from me.
And I think she is cute enough to be shared :3

Tori Kimura

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Eyes(Oh my Eyes)

Make up:


Lipstick (N9 from Tifa)





Pants are from the Store (Loud,Fast & (?) set)

Shoes are from Late Night


Earrings are from the Basegame

And heres the Sim :D

Tori Kimura

Sonntag, 31. Oktober 2010

Hm, but hey :D

Now that I have Late Night I needed to delete all my CC and my saved sims. I still have the files but when I want to choose a saved sim my game crashes. So I need to do new Sims and download CC...and I'm still looking for a working Sliderhack -.- Pleeeeeeease guys, update your great works ._.

We'll see what my low CC will bring for sims (bad english horray!!)

Montag, 13. September 2010


So i made a lipstick...i tried...but its not what i wanted it to look like...but now i like it :D dunno why...but i still have to work on it, heres a little pic of it

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and now im working on simseses and houseses :D

and here are some pics of my latest sims, i think i'm gonna upload lady#2 :3

in the last weeks i made a looot of sims =D But never really played with one, because i started to play sims2 again for the asylum challenge...but i got bored of it because no one seemed to be dying :) now i just wanna show some sims i made...

this is a lady i made...and i forgot her name =D what else...
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic


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lady#4 ( i didnt make her, i think it was a townie and i had a little make over on her...but i dunno, but i think she is pretty)

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lady#5 (didn't maker her, too, but i love her very much, she is a townie from twinbrrok, i guess)
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i found some screenshots from france and a sim of mine, Naana, was talking to this hawt french guy...i hope i can find him, he is a make over :D god and i totally forgot him

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thats it for now :D


Mittwoch, 28. Juli 2010

First Sim

So here is the first sim i'm uploadng.

Think she is cute and her expressions,too =3

Be nice to her and do not claim her as your own...

Naana Asin


pants (one of these)

shirt is by EAs ep luxus-accesoirs

Make up

Eyeshadow (the first one)

Eyeliner: i don't remember, sorry ._.

She has no blush

Lips: one of lemonleafs, but i don't know which one ._.

And shoes are by EA ^^

so here she is :

Naana Asin

New Blog, new annoying stuff :D

Hey dudes n dudettes ^^ I was bored and now here is a blog of mine. Yeah... :D

I will try to share my best Sims and some houses. Hope someone will notice this blog :D

And please, I am trying to make this blog just in english, because I like this language and i want to learn it more ^^ So please don't judge me if you can find some misspelling :3 that would be gentle :*

Yeah...ummm...hope I will do everything right. First upload will come ^^

Thank you :* And have a nice day ^^